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    Texas Hold'em! The Cadillac of Poker. You've heard so much about it on the news. You've seen it on ESPN, Bravo, Fox! And now your looking to play it. Try Free Game's its the easiest and fastest way to learn to play poker online.

    Where do Poker Players enter Sign Up Bonus Codes?

    Poker Party is the Players enter their Sign Up Bonus Code on the Open Account screen, which is the same screen where they first select their Account Name and Password to the site. Once entered, the system will automatically record the code to give the Poker Player the Bonus Amount if any, when they make their first real money deposit to their Account. is the place to play some quality poker.

    How to Play Texas Hold'em:

    Players make their best five-card poker hands using seven cards - two personal poker cards dealt to each player and five community cards available to all poker players.

    1. Collect the blind's.
    2. Begin the game by dealing two cards face down to each player.
    3. Follow with a round of betting.
    4. "Burn" - discard unseen - the top card of the deck and place the next three cards, called the "flop," face up in the center of the table. These cards are available to all players, giving each player five cards with which to work.
    5. Follow with a round of betting.
    6. Burn the top card and add the fourth community card.
    7. Follow with a round of betting.
    8. Burn the top card and add the fifth and final community card.
    9. Finish with a final round of betting.
    10. Determine the winner!

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    Texas Holdem Rules Review

    For those of you unfamiliar, Lets review the standard rules of Texas Holdem Poker

    Texas Hold'em Poker is a "community card" game, meaning that some cards are dealt face-up in the middle of the table and shared by all the players. Each poker player has two down cards that are theirs alone, and combines them with the five community cards to make the best possible five-card hand.

    Play begins by dealing two cards face down to each player; these are known as "hole cards" or "pocket cards". This is followed by a round of betting. Most hold'em games get the betting started with one or two "blind bets" to the left of the dealer. These are forced bets which must be made before seeing one's cards. Play proceeds clockwise from the blinds, with each player free to fold, call the blind bet, or raise. Usually the blinds are "live", meaning that they may raise themselves when the action gets back around to them.

    Now three cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table; this is called the "flop". A round of betting ensues, with action starting on the first blind, immediately to the dealers left. Another card is dealt face up (the "turn"), followed by another round of betting, again beginning to the dealer's left. Then the final card (the "river") is dealt followed by the final round of betting. In a structured-limit game, the bets on the turn and river are usually double the size of those before and on the flop.

    The game is usually played for high only, and each player makes the best five-card combination to compete for the pot. Players usually use both their hole cards to make their best hand, but this is not required. A player may even choose to "play the board" and use no hole cards at all. Identical five-card hands split the pot; the sixth and seventh cards are not used to break ties.

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